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Can the wood be maintained ?

Once the wood is printed, the U.V ink is used as a protective layer, you can easily pass a slightly damp cloth on it to eventually remove an accidental stain or even dust.

Will the colors fade with time ?

U.V ink has the particularity to be very resistant, the colors remain intact even if the illustrated prints are exposed on a wall which is very sunny.

My illustration is not exactly like on the website.

Wood is a living plant material, asperities related to its nature such as veins and knots are perfectly random, each board is unique. These are the characteristics that make wood an original and authentic printing support.

How to fix my illustrations on the wall ?

We offer a system of magnetic hook so you can fix your impressions on the wall without having to drill! It is a two-part magnet, consisting of a metal plate and a magnetic part both adhesive, and which are respectively attached to the wall and your print in wood or aluminum.

Can I change or change the color or the background of an illustration ?

All illustrations belong to our artists and can not be modified for their intellectual property.

Can I change or change the color or the background of an illustration?

You can sublimate your photos by adding a filter, or even text with our image editing tool! Once all your photos are imported, select the image of your choice and click on the “..” icon to access the interface. You can now crop your photo and modify it according to your desires !