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Our story


Instawood is a Belgian wood printing company. We offer prints of your photos, as well as decorative elements for your home.

You can find our wall decoration products in our store in Brussels, or on our online store.


A family business,
local and artisanal


 The idea of Instawood appeared in 2011 in the corner of our first establishment in Brussels. Mehdi Kaci, its founder, is a decorating enthusiast. He wanted to print his photos and decided to do his own tests on a machine.

Mehdi wonders about his waste production, and decides to print on the wood scraps of a carpenter. It was love at first sight: the color and the veins of the wood offer a unique rendering to the photos.

Thus, in 2018, the Instawood company was born, after many optimizations.

The wood chosen will be birch, a natural, resistant and clear wood.

Today, Instawood is a small team of enthusiasts who collaborate with joineries in Brussels, thus becoming part of a local production chain.


An eco-responsible commitment


 At Instawood, ecology is at the heart of our concerns.

Our production chain is eco-responsible and waste-free. Indeed, the prints are made on natural wood certified FSC and originating from Europe. We have developed different formats in order to have no waste. Moreover, our small formats are printed on recycled wood.

We also attach great importance to the origin and composition of our products. We do not use any toxic glue, and 70% of our inks are Greenguard certified. These inks meet stringent chemical emission standards, and are the only ones allowed for sensitive environments such as schools and healthcare facilities.

Our focus on sustainability drives us to continually improve our manufacturing processes. Also, the conversion of our entire machine park to Greenguard inks is part of our objectives for the coming years.

Birch wood :
an authentic decorative art



Our material of choice, wood, is a noble medium. Once printed, it brings authenticity to your memories and can be easily transformed into an infinitely customizable decorative object.

We wish to allow everyone – artists, companies and individuals – to make digital prints on wood of their photos or works. In the PHOTO PRINTING section, you will be able to personalize your print, and print all your images.

We also offer a selection of illustrated wall decorations in the ARTPRINT section. You will discover the works of artists carefully selected by our team, as well as Instawood capsules designed for your home.

Finally, we provide frames and other accessories to complete your decoration.